Garage Sales


Annual MidSun Community Garage Sale

Team Hawkins enjoys the community spirit of our annual garage sale.  

It is a great time to get out and greet neighbours.  

Get rid of some junk.  

Or go treasure hunting. 

Our next Midnapore and Sundance Garage Sale is SEPTEMBER 7, 2024Complete the contact form below to register.  Please include your email and physical address.  

As we draw closer to the event we will follow up with information on sign pick up. 


Please provide a valid email address.
Please provide physical address.


Garage Sale Signs Lending

As a courtesy to our great community of clients, we offer the use of garage sale signs. Feel free to call anytime you are planning to host a garage sale and we would be happy to set you up with as many signs as you need to ensure a successful event. There are plenty of signs, so if you choose to coordinate a multi-family sale with your neighbours, we have enough to go around.

In an effort to make garage sales as “green” as possible, we ask that signs be returned so they can be used again and again.